Jul 4, 2008

First Glance

It was pre-dawn as I was flying from Lima to Cusco. I took advantage of one last chance to get a short nap. I had been traveling all night and I had a full day ahead of me. Suddenly, I was awakened by a rush of excitement that ran through my body like an electric current! I looked around me on the plane and saw most everyone else sleeping. There was one gentleman reading a newspaper and a woman who was deep in the pages of a romance novel. I wondered where the rush of adrenaline had come from. Then I looked out my window. This would be my first glance at Peru in the daylight… a country that had been calling me to visit for the past 7 years. There it was… Peru! And the beginning of a new day! I love that time of day - just before dawn… anticipating the sunrise and embracing the opportunity to fill the day with wonder and adventure! This particular sunrise would be magical. This particular day was no ordinary day! Today I was waking up to a dream… and I was in Peru!

As the sun rose, we were flying over the mountains. It was so beautiful! I looked out and saw a sea of clouds nestled over the valleys; mountain-top islands sprinkled across the horizon. Glaciers were perched at the top of the mountains, sitting like royalty overlooking the kingdoms... and immediately, I sensed the mystical, powerful, spiritual energy of the ancient Andes.

My face and camera were pressed against the glass like a child looking at a Macy’s window display at Christmastime! I couldn’t believe it! We were actually flying right through (and in between) glaciers! I witnessed the sun greet these ancient mountains with morning kisses. The moment the light touched the face of the glaciers, they lit up – and so did my soul! Excited? No words could capture how I felt. My heart was beating fast and my breath was accelerated! It felt as though my body was adjusting or recalibrating to another place and time… to a new rhythm… to the drumming of an ancient culture. How could I feel so at home in a place I had never been before?

When we approached Cusco, the land transformed from glaciers to farmland. The plane descended, and I said of prayer of gratitude. I was most especially thankful to my friends who had made this trip possible for me. They were looking out for my spirit… ready to nourish my heart and soul. I was thankful for my health. I was thankful for my family, especially my husband, who graciously would handle ‘life’ for me while I was away. I was thankful for an abundance of God’s blessings. Up until that moment, my life had been full of highs and lows. The journey had been a bit bumpy, even for me, over the past few years. Yet God’s everlasting presence had never wavered. And now, I was here… ready and eager to learn and to listen to what God wanted me to know… I was eager to have the quiet time, the space, and the solitude to hear God’s voice.

Welcome to my blog! Fasten your seatbelt and ride along with me through the amazing, spiritual, numinous land of Peru!

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